What is the peculiarity of this conciliation procedure?

Negotiation is an art.

Undoubtedly, knowledge of sociology, psychology, experience and personal authority have a positive impact on the opinion of the disputants.

Alexander Zhukov

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Over 20 years of experience in dispute resolution outside the judicial plane.


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Mediation is the way to success!

Mediation in law is one of the technologies for alternative dispute resolution with the participation of a third neutral, impartial, uninterested party in this conflict – a mediator who helps the parties to develop a certain agreement on the dispute, while the parties fully control the decision-making process to resolve the dispute and the conditions for its resolution .

In what cases can mediation help?

Mediation helps if the parties to the conflict are to some extent ready for reconciliation. It lacks the principle of coercion.

What is the main mission of mediation for society?

Harmonize the state of society, guarantee the peace of mind of each participant, protect and save from catastrophic consequences.

My goal

Protect, resolve the problem, protect from negative consequences.

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New “Solutions Company. Mediator1” is one of the leaders in the mediation market in Ukraine. Despite her young age, she already has sufficient positive experience in resolving conflicts and disputes.